Since I started teaching at university 15 years ago, I’ve always wanted to run a songwriting course where I could support and accompany people to develop and uncover those songs that we’ve all got inside. I think songs are things that are not so much written as made, discovered deep in the tunnels in our brains, which we bring to light with our engagement and relationship to our songwriting worlds.

It will be a chance to explore ideas about songwriting that I’ve learnt and worked with for the last 45 years.

This course is open to all levels – this is about making songs whether you are an experienced songwriter or don’t even play an instrument – it’s the expression and the identity which counts. We will approach making songs from many angles; techniques, collaboration, authenticity, narrative, reflection, and, for me, the most important part: exploring how we make songs as creative objects, situating them within new and learnt cultural spaces to connect our experience and understanding of our lives with those around us. We will also be welcoming guests who will be sharing their song work with you.

I’m a qualified teacher in Higher Education and have written songs all my life. The course will be taking place in beautiful surroundings in the heart of rural Kent.

Email me at: for more information and introductory prices.